Mike’s Top 5

Michael Alden
February 5, 2018

Not surprisingly, I am still bullish on Bitcoin

Right now as I type it is trading under 8k. A resistance point downward many feared. It may get closer to 6k before bouncing back. Despite all of the recent negative press and FUD, Bitcoin is a great long term hold. I predicted it will hit 40k this year and I still stand by that. You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin, you can buy as little as $1.00 of it.


If you have been a part of the Crushing Crypto Community you have heard this before. Ethereum’s blockchain technology is being used by Fortune 500 companies. It’s utility as a form of payment and as a technology is fantastic. I predicted that Ethereum will hit 2500 in 2018 and still believe it. As I type today it can be purchased for $677.00!


Right now NEO is down significantly trading at just under $100.00 due to the recent continued effort by the Chinese government to outright ban cryptocurrency. NEO is Chinese based and has been called the “Chinese Ethereum”. It is similar to that of Ethereum in that many other Alt Coins are using the NEO technology to launch their coin. What I like about NEO as an investor is that NEO essentially pays a dividend in its sister coin GAS each month based on how much NEO you are holding. NEO will continue to prosper even in a world of the Chinese government obstruction. I predict NEO to cross the $250.00 mark in 2018.

The next coin I like can be bought for under $0.25

There isn’t a lot of hype out there about it but I like the technology behind it. It’s a virtual gifting platform built on Smart Contacts using the Ethereum Blockchain. It allows for the creation of gifts to be sent to content creators. It already has proof of concept in Asia and being implemented world wide. So, if you are a content creator and want to get paid for that you can through the use of this technology created by GIFTO. I predict this coin to cross $1.00 in value by 3rd quarter of 2018.

Last but not least

I like this coin as a great hedge against volatility. Literally, it’s technology users machine learning,(AI) financial Analysts, mainstream news and even social media to help predict what the market will do. Anyone can contribute to the information mill of this technology but it is fed through decentralized blockchain network to essentially verify the veracity of the information using AI and also human intelligence. The world of cryptocurrency is rampant with hype and misinformation. This coin which is traded on Binancefor only $0.16 is attempting to solve a major problem in this world. It’s called Cindicator or CND calls their technology “Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management”. They are beyond the concept stage and actually in use. I love this coin and it’s technology to help people cut through the clutter to make informed decisions.

I like and even love a lot more, but I wanted to give you these first. Many more to come.

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